Announcement: World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council 2021-2022

Introducing the 13 new members to the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council!

Prashant Mohesh, Mauritius
Shanjeevan Amalanathan, Sri Lanka
Yutong Yang, China
Sam Fricker, Australia
Kal Glanznig, Australia
Jade Cave, South Africa
Sruthi Gurudev, United States
Laura Maisvoreva, Zimbabwe
Syeda Areesha Fatima, Pakistan
Marina Castello Rigo, Spain
William Joseph Wilkins, Wales
Matai Zamuel, Suriname
Nathany Roberta Herrera Aguiar, Brazil

Congratulations to these inspiring young leaders who represent diverse countries and backgrounds! Each will provide fresh perspectives and ideas to help further develop World Ocean Day as a unique rallying point for celebration and action around the world on 8 June and advance action for our ocean and climate in exciting ways year-round.

They will join the 12 existing (second-year) members of the Council in informing and motivating their communities and countries to take action through a variety of activities that inspire youth and others to get more involved in helping with solutions to the challenges we face. By working together, the Council will achieve real impact, in June and throughout the year, to protect and restore our blue planet.

Thank you to all the hundreds of young people from over 40 countries who applied to join the Council! It was incredibly challenging to select the winners this year.

We also want to extend special thanks the members of the Selection Committee who helped select the winners this year:

•Carol Amaratunga
Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria
Based in Canada

•Eduardo Atamoros
Senior Associate Director of Communications at Procter & Gamble
Co-founder REBO
Based in Switzerland

•Nicolas Chesta
Board of Directors Member, EarthEcho International & World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council alumnus
Based in Chile

•Brianna Salvatore Dueck
Senior Strategy Consultant
17 Sport
Based the United States

•Lina Gomez
VP, Youth Initiatives, Education
National Geographic
Based in the United States

•Jean-Claude Monachon
Vice-President, International Business Development & Marketing
Scuba Schools International
Based in Switzerland

•Gabby Tan
Founder of Tideturners, 2020 National Geographic Young Explorer, & World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council alumna
Based in Malaysia

Check out the entire Youth Advisory Council here.