Action: Defend the Deep

This Month's Focus: Protecting the Deep Sea

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As a citizen of the world, you can help protect the largest habitat on Earth!

Our one world ocean is vast and connects everyone on Earth. As we’ve found out in recent years, though, it’s incredibly vulnerable to pollution and various forms of exploitation, including climate change, warming waters, overfishing, and now the ocean and its diversity of life faces the threat of deep-sea mining.

For a long time, we believed the ocean was so huge and full of life that nothing we did could harm it and its abundance. We thought that pollution would simply dilute itself away. Current corporate plans, however, could cause severe disruption and pollution. We urgently need to better protect and understand our deep-sea ecosystems as they are so important to the health of our planet, the atmosphere, and people worldwide.

Have 1 minute to help prevent the possible devastation from deep-sea mining?

Defend the DeepCall on your government to support a moratorium on destructive deep-sea mining. The health of our ocean and future generations depend on it. 


World Ocean Day is more than a day, it's a movement.

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