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Catalyzing Action for Our Ocean & Climate 
With youth leadership at the forefront, thousands of events worldwide planned for World Ocean Day 2024 on the 8th of June 

PROVIDENCE, RI – 16 May 2024 – Powered by a Youth Advisory Council comprised of 25 youth leaders from 21 countries, World Ocean Day 2024 unites the world to celebrate our one ocean and take collective action for a healthy ocean and a stable climate.  

Tens of thousands of activities, celebrations and other events are expected. Together, these actions will engage millions of people in over 150 countries. Social media reach is expected to reach into the billions.  

 Youth leadership helps drive the transformative change needed for our blue planet. On local, national, and international levels, young people are engaging in action and policy change to create a better future. 

Taking action now for our ocean invests in humanity’s lifeline for generations to come. “As young climate advocates, we hold the key to its protection. Through our collective action, passion and dedication, we can protect our ocean and combat climate change for a more sustainable future. We hold the power to empower and amplify our voices as youth worldwide to influence and create an impact for our blue planet’s most precious resource: our ocean!” -Leena Joshi, India  

Realizing that the climate crisis is one of the greatest threats ever to our blue planet and all its inhabitants, we launched a new multi-year Action Theme for World Ocean Day 2024: Catalyzing Action for Our Ocean & Climate. With sea levels rising, massive storms, and wildfires, it is all too clear that we need government and corporate leaders to take strong local, national, and international action – now.  

“Youth, especially those from vulnerable communities, are essential voices in creating climate solutions to protect the ocean. To ignore their voices is to ignore our future. Youth deserve to be recognized as political subjects.” -Maria Jose Rodriguez Palomeque, Mexico   

World Ocean Day is more than a day, it’s a growing worldwide movement of youth leaders, schools, universities, aquariums, zoos, museums, businesses, corporations, recreational enthusiasts, communities of faith, and many more from all sectors uniting for our one world ocean that connects us all.   

WorldOceanDay.org serves as a global hub with a wide range of free new resources and tools for all to use freely and spread widely, World Ocean Day graphics,  global map of events, and much more. Follow World Ocean Day on Instagram, X, & Facebook, and LinkedIn 

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Meet the World Ocean Day 2024 Youth Advisory Council: The 25 Youth Advisory Council members represent diverse countries and backgrounds. Altogether, there are 130 current members and alumni from 60 countries. Council members provide new and unique perspectives, ideas, and recommendations for rallying the world for ocean and climate action. The Council works together to inform and motivate their communities and countries, inspiring youth, and others in June and throughout the year.  

About World Ocean Day: World Ocean Day is an annual celebration on 8 June as well as a call for ocean and climate action throughout the year. This unique celebration brings together thousands of organizations and millions of individuals each year. Global coordination of World Ocean Day was launched in 2002 by The Ocean Project. The United Nations officially recognizes the Day as of 2008. The World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council was launched in 2016. Learn more at: WorldOceanDay.org. 


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