What a historic achievement on this World Ocean Day! Three major Dutch caterers, Vermaat, Albron, and Sodexo, have now entered into a World Oceans Deal with the World Wildlife Fund Netherlands and Good Fish. This achievement builds upon the initial signing of the deal by Vermaat and Albron back in 2021. With Sodexo joining them today, more than 1500 restaurants will cease serving RED fish, which are known to be caught with significant bycatch, subjected to illegal poaching, and heavily overfished or fish often contribute to high CO2 emissions.

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In the photo from left to right: Merijn Koops Vermaat, Femke van Dijk Albron, Margreet van Vilsteren Good Fish, Stephan de Leeuw Sodexo en Corné van Dooren WWF.

As part of the EducOceano Pedagogical Program and the celebration of World Ocean Day, ASPEA launches a challenge to 1st cycle schools, an illustration contest under the theme “What the Ocean means to me”.

The Ocean is a source of Life, it plays a key role in regulating the climate and combating climate change, it is a carbon sink and provides us with oxygen and a wide variety of other resources. Regrettably, the Ocean faces serious environmental problems generated by human activity, namely marine litter, loss of biodiversity and acidification of sea water, as a result of global warming.

We want to know what the Ocean means to you and how you can contribute to its preservation. This competition aims to promote the theme of Ocean conservation among the educational community and raise awareness of its conservation, through interesting and creative illustration works.

Recipients: Students of the 1st cycle of basic education

Contest open until June 21, 2023

Disclosure of results: June 26, 2023


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See Mōs LLC is excited to announce the production our new documentary titled, “A Day in the Life of a Sea Moss Farmer.”

This doc follows a typical work day of their sea moss farmers, Jervania and Larry. Our aim in the creation of this story is to create awareness of the process of sea moss harvesting,  the amount of work that goes behind and, to highlight the importance of sustainable and regenerative harvesting practices.

We’re looking to break the stigma of wild-crafted and ocean-harvested sea moss is very important to them.

Continue to follow Jervania and Larry and why ocean harvesting is the best way to harvest sea moss as it allows for a sustainable harvest without depleting wild ocean plants and/or disrupting natural ecosystems in the process of harvesting. We’re also highlights the beautiful natural landscape of St Lucia!

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🎉🌊 Bienvenidos a nuestra celebración del Día Mundial de los Océano 2023. En este video, exploramos la conexión entre la educación financiera y la protección de nuestros preciados mares 🌊🐠. Compartimos cómo tus decisiones financieras pueden tener un gran impacto en la salud de nuestros océanos.
La protección de los océanos es un tema vital para la supervivencia de nuestro planeta 🌍. Son el hogar de una impresionante biodiversidad 🐡. Pero hoy, están en grave peligro debido a la sobreexplotación, la contaminación y el cambio climático.
La educación financiera 💡💰 desempeña un papel clave en la protección de nuestros océanos. Al entender cómo nuestras decisiones de inversión pueden impactar el medio ambiente, podemos elegir apoyar a empresas y fondos que priorizan la sostenibilidad y la protección del medio ambiente 🌿🌳.
Hoy, te presentamos las inversiones sostenibles 🌱💰, una estrategia financiera que se está volviendo cada vez más popular. Estas inversiones apoyan a empresas que buscan minimizar su impacto ambiental, y a la vez, proporcionan rentabilidades financieras atractivas.
Un ejemplo perfecto de esto es el Fondo Blue Ocean 🌊💙. Este fondo invierte en empresas que se comprometen a proteger nuestros océanos, ya sea a través de prácticas de pesca sostenible, la reducción de plásticos en sus operaciones, o la innovación en tecnología limpia para los océanos.
🌍🔚 En conclusión, la educación financiera y la inversión sostenible pueden ser herramientas poderosas para la protección de nuestros océanos. Al tomar decisiones financieras informadas, podemos ayudar a preservar la belleza y la biodiversidad de nuestros mares para las futuras generaciones.
No olvides darle 👍, compartirlo 🔄, y suscribirte a nuestro canal para más contenido sobre finanzas sostenibles y protección del medio ambiente.
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English translation: 
Welcome to our celebration of World Ocean Day 2023. In this video, we explore the connection between financial education and protecting our precious seas. We share how your financial decisions can have a big impact on the health of our ocean.
The protection of the ocean is a vital issue for the survival of our planet. They are home to an impressive biodiversity. But today, they are in grave danger due to overexploitation, pollution, and climate change.
Financial education plays a key role in protecting our oceans. By understanding how our investment decisions can impact the environment, we can choose to support companies and funds that prioritize sustainability and environmental protection.
Today, we’re introducing you to sustainable investing, a financial strategy that’s becoming increasingly popular. These investments support companies seeking to minimize their environmental impact, while providing attractive financial returns.
A perfect example of this is the Blue Ocean Fund. This fund invests in companies that are committed to protecting our ocean, whether through sustainable fishing practices, reducing plastics in their operations, or innovation in clean technology for the oceans.
In conclusion, financial education and sustainable investing can be powerful tools for the protection of our oceans. By making informed financial decisions, we can help preserve the beauty and biodiversity of our seas for future generations.
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New York punk veteran KEVIN K releases a new AI video ‘THE LOST SEAHORSE’ on June 8, WORLD OCEAN DAY to draw attention to the impact climate change is having on seahorses.

Climate change is causing significant change in oceans, including temperature increase, sea level rise, and acidification – yet KEVIN K says not enough attention is being given to the impact on seahorses. “Seahorses are considered threatened around the world, largely from over-harvesting for traditional Chinese medicines, unintended capture in fish trawl nets, and the loss of natural habitats such as seagrasses and mangroves. They are phenomenal creatures – yet their environment is disappearing at the hands of humans, so I’ve written a song to hopefully draw attention to their plight.”


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COBSEA (Coordinating Body on the Seas of East Asia) has taken a significant step forward in addressing the critical issue of ghost gear with the launch of the highly anticipated ghost gear videos. These educational videos aim to raise awareness about the damaging impact of ghost gear on marine life and ecosystems, providing viewers with practical insights and actionable solutions.

Ghost gear, consisting of abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing gear, poses a grave threat to marine habitats and species. COBSEA’s video series offers a comprehensive approach to tackling this issue, covering topics such as preventive measures, retrieval techniques, and responsible recycling practices. By sharing this knowledge, COBSEA empowers individuals and organizations to take informed actions in protecting our oceans.

The ghost gear videos have been carefully translated into 9 languages, including Chinese, English, Filipino, Indonesian, Khmer, Korean, Malay, Thai, and Vietnamese, to ensure that the message reaches a wider audience. This multilingual approach is intended to engage individuals from various backgrounds and cultures, fostering a global community dedicated to marine conservation.

In addition to the ghost gear videos, COBSEA has also hinted at the development of an upcoming Ghost Gear Toolbox. This comprehensive resource, currently in progress, will serve as a centralized hub of information, equipping stakeholders with in-depth knowledge, practical tools, and best practices to combat ghost gear effectively. The toolbox will provide accessible resources to empower individuals and communities to make a tangible impact in safeguarding marine ecosystems.


The Coordinating Body on the Seas of East Asia (COBSEA) is a regional intergovernmental mechanism bringing together nine countries (Cambodia, People’s Republic of China, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Viet Nam) in development and protection of the marine environment and coastal areas of East Asian Seas. COBSEA is one of 18 Regional Seas programmes, administered by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Secretariat is hosted by Thailand.

To watch the COBSEA Ghost Gear Videos available in 9 languages, please visit:











Stay tuned for the official release of COBSEA’s upcoming Ghost Gear Toolbox.

Be sure to share these invaluable resources with your networks and join COBSEA in the mission to create a future where our oceans are free from the devastating impact of ghost gear.


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Marine conversation and campaigning charity, Surfers Against Sewage, have launched a brand-new scene at Digital Ocean School, that investigates the quality of UK waterways.

Digital Ocean School is an immersive 360-online resource that reimagines the future of ocean education. Whether you live 5 minutes from the coast or 5 hours away, Digital Ocean School will help you get connected to the coast, understand critical issues and know how to take action, no matter where you are.

Find out more about Digital Ocean School

About the new scene: With the all new Water Quality scene, you’ll be transported to the tranquil surroundings of a river location nestled down in the South West, where you can explore facts and videos and test your knowledge with a quiz!

The new scene will help you learn how to stay safe if you are going into the water for a swim, bathe or surf and will help to drive awareness and action on the importance of maintaining healthy rivers and seas.

Get started today and learn how to turn information into influence and knowledge into action: Take me to Digital Ocean School 

Whilst your there, why not take part in a virtual beach clean, go for a ramble in the rockpools or get connected through a mindfulness activity!

The Youth Poster Contest, with the theme of “Wind Ship – The Future” will launch it’s public voting campaign on World Ocean Day. We will have a virtual launch event with a presentation about the exciting wind propulsion developments in shipping by the Secretary General of the International Windship Association, interviews with a number of select jury members about sustainable shipping and the contribution that can make to help regenerate our marine environment. We feel that this poster contest is an inspiring way to get young people engaged in the decarbonisation work underway in commercial shipping but also in the wider oceans and climate agenda through the very visual lens of wind propulsion.

Winners of the contest will be announced just ahead of the critical International Maritime Organisation (IMO) final negotiations for the decarbonisation targets and strategy for the shipping industry in early July.


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The Life and Times of Jenah is a 2D illustrated animation video aimed at placing the viewer in the shoes, or rather the fins, of a fish that uses all three tropical marine ecosystems within its life cycle. Growing up, she encounters new ecosystems, meets new friends and faces human-induced threats.

This video was funded by the North American Environmental Education 30 under 30 Changemakers Grant and the Young Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) AdvocaSEA grant while the launch was funded by the The Oxford & Cambridge Society of Malaysia.

Please email reefstakes@gmail.com if you wish to attend.


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Our organization, Eyesea, seeks to emphasize the scale and nature of marine pollution and to create a unified strategy on how to solve it by mapping and analyzing marine pollution through crowdsourced geotagged images through the use of our app, Eyesea.

We’re on the early stages of the development of the app and we seek your cooperation in mapping marine pollution (especially if you are living, frequently visiting, conducting research, or conducting initiatives near coastal areas; for seafarers, if you are at sea). The information you will be providing will be available for everyone to see anywhere around the world (including government bodies, authorities, researchers, environmentalists, students, leaders, etc.). If you wish to report plastic pollution in your cities, communities, or anywhere, you can use the app as well.

It’s as simple as SNAP and MAP! Let’s help save the planet together!

Moreover, in preparation for your activities leading to the World Ocean Day on June 8, we invite organizations to indulge their volunteers and members in utilizing the app to level up cleanup actions from a band-aid solution into a pollution trend analysis by mapping the litters and saving them to the app as historical data.

If you have any questions, drop as an email at info@eyesea.org or at karljapethgrosal@gmail.com


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