Learning Lessons and Curricula

If you want to learn, teach or have fun, you can check out these sources for a number of ocean-related lesson plans:

  • The Marine Education Society of Australasia compiled a collection of teachers’ resources that include information about specific marine species and environments.
  • Ocean Connectors developed a variety of educator guides about the ocean. The resources also strengthen student bilingual skills using activities in both English and Spanish.
  • The North American Marine Environment Protection Association has developed an array of education materials that can be used by anyone to educate others on the marine environment, marine pollution, and the maritime industry.
  • Skype A Scientist allows educators the opportunity to get their eager learners answers straight from the source.

Field Trips

Give students a hands-on learning experience by hosting a field trip to an educational or engaging area. This could be visiting a local aquarium or zoo, going to the beach, or taking a walk at a nature reserve. These types of events are great for instilling a passion for marine ecosystems and wildlife.
Some zoos and aquariums event have docent-led virtual field trips.

Presentations and Workshops

Host a presentation or workshop at your local school! Invite an ocean hero or conservation organization to speak to your students. Alternatively, create your own presentation about the ocean. Focus these presentations on catalyzing action for not only a healthy blue planet, but also a more just, equitable and sustainable society with the 2024 Action Theme. Make it exciting and interactive by using films, music, games, and outdoor activities. Youth engagement is incredibly important for fostering future environmentalists.