Film Screenings

Screen ocean-themed movies, cartoons or documentaries followed by a discussion. For shorter videos, check out The Story of Stuff website and short ocean TED talks.

The Smog of the Sea provides a new perspective on the once pristine oceans and makes an artful call to action for rethinking the scourge of the sea — single use plastic.

Some other suggestions include:


Utilize the power of music to inspire others to take action for the ocean. Host a concert or music festival that supports local conservation initiatives.

Alternatively, play the music of singers and musicians who sing or play music about the ocean and conservation. Jack Johnson sings about the issue of plastic pollution in his song “Fragments.” Listen to Ziggy Alberts‘ albums Four Feet in the Forest, Land & Sea, and Made of Water for environmental themes. Listen to Melissa Bayley‘s original song “Ocean Blues” dedicated as an anthem for World Ocean Day 2019.