Daffa photo

Daffa Praditya Devano

, 19

Daffa Praditya (He/Him) was raised and born in an archipelago country named Indonesia, situated in the heart of “the lost world Atlantis” and his life was tremendously connected to the sea as he never lived far away from the sea. Yet, his wonderful time as a youth has been ruined by the sea-level rising that threatens his family. These overwhelming experiences have triggered Daffa to be a Youth Advocate and work with people to enhance their knowledge and capacity to protect the richness and diversity of nature in the country.

During the last few years, Daffa has been working with various organisations such as UNICEF, Fridays For Future, and Plan International which aims to widely spread advocacy on the climate crisis for all layers of generations and stakeholders. He has been representing Young Indonesia voices at COP27 in Egypt and Stockholm+50 in Sweden to advocate the issues of Polluted Oceans, Climate Education, Just Transition, and Sustainable Cities. He also was selected for the YSEALI Scholarship by the U.S. Department of State to comprehensively learn about Marine Life in Vietnam.

He is hoping that as a youth living in the biggest archipelago country in the world, he will be able to contribute his advocacy to the people to protect our lovely ocean as this is the greatness and the pride we have as a nation. Daffa is tremendously excited to work with World Ocean Day, particularly in enabling our ocean to be more protected and learn the values offered by the ocean to us, either its diversity, uniqueness, and beauty. He’s ready to come up with numerous great ideas ahead!