Sabriyah Madhi photo

Sabriyah Madhi

South Africa
, 22

Sabriyah Madhi (she/her) is a 22-year-old socio-environmental activist from South Africa. Sabriyah has always been immensely passionate about the environment from a young age. She spent most of her childhood in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, where she often visited the ocean. The ocean was a mesmerising place of joy, beauty and comfort for her. She would often spend hours watching the ocean, and this was when her love for the ocean first began.

Her deep love for the ocean was strengthened and progressed into ocean advocacy efforts due to storytelling. Sabriyah watched the play Lalela uLwandle (“Listen to the sea”), which was a story about how people from all different walks of life had a deep connection, love and story related to the ocean. The play also showed how pivotal the ocean is to people’s lives and the future sustainability of humankind. After that play, she realised that she, too, had this unique connection and love for the ocean, and she became inspired to join efforts to ensure that this connection and love for the ocean could still exist for future generations.

As such, Sabriyah joined Youth for Marine Protected Areas (Youth4MPA), where she is the current Vice-spokesperson and project coordinator. Youth4MPA’s is an organisation which advocates for the protection of our oceans and the expansion of marine protected areas to protect ocean biodiversity. She believes that protecting our oceans and the species that inhabit our oceans is of the utmost importance. She has also been part of other environmental organisations and initiatives in South Africa and internationally.

Sabriyah, due to her love for biology and science, completed her BSc (Biological Science and Cellular Biology) undergraduate degree and BSc(Biological Science) honours degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Her honours research project focussed on using plant biotechnology methods to address food security challenges in South Africa by improving the propagation methods of selected vegetables, especially vegetables with high levels of vitamins and minerals that the African population is known to be deficient in.

Sabriyah believes that all it takes is one committed and caring individual to inspire others to do the same. As such, her vision is to inspire others to make small differences in whatever way so that the ocean can remain blue and beautiful. She hopes that by being a member of the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council, she can work with young leaders worldwide to progress the fight to save our oceans while empowering and capacitating youth in South Africa to do the same.