January Focus: Ocean & Climate Literacy

With the World Ocean Day 2024 Action Theme: Catalyzing Action for Our Ocean & Climate, this year we are providing our partners and friends with ways to help protect our ocean and stabilize our climate in June and throughout the year. All months are focused on learning and doing more to help create a better future, and most months will have a policy-related way to take meaningful action, coordinated with our national and global policy partners. 

Check out the 12 Months of Action, and if you have awesome resources and actions that you think we should feature, please let us know! 

For January, here are some of the many great ocean & climate literacy resources:  


Remember! Ocean literacy principle #1 is “the Earth has one big ocean with many features.” Remember to Drop the S

The ocean thanks you! 

 PS: If you have related resources, tools, and inspiration from your community or country, please let us know at info@worldoceanday.org