World Ocean Day 2023: Partner spotlights

World Ocean Day 2023 was made even better this year with these supporting organizations and partners who engaged event organizers, community members, educators, and young kids in creative ways. 

Ocean Week Canada

Ocean Week Canada is a nationwide celebration of ocean-related events – ranging from beach cleanups, educational workshops, public lectures, film screenings, interactive art exhibits, learn to paddle or surf, and more – held during the week of 8 June. Events bring together individuals, organizations, communities, government agencies, artists, and more to raise awareness about the importance of connecting to and protecting the ocean.

This year, Ocean Week Canada brought forth a wide range of exciting activities. Some of these include the Ocean Literacy Event in Esgenoôpetitj First Nation, which aimed to explore the importance of the ocean and spiritual connections to the natural environment, and the ‘Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants’ webinar, which discussed the world of microplastics and their impact on our environment. Many events were also youth-oriented, such as the Art with a Purpose Workshop, which was led by World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council member Jasmine Rodman.




World Ocean Day for Schools

World Ocean Day for Schools is an initiative that aims to bring World Ocean Day to the classroom by providing free educational materials for educators as well as facilitating live lessons, Q&A sessions, and offering internships. Their impact has been immense: in 2023, nearly 2300 schools registered to join their network of over 7800 schools across 76 countries.

In addition, their “Our Blue” initiative allows kids to form their own connections to “blue spaces” around them, such as lakes, rivers, and oceans. Students can identify a “blue space” in their community that is meaningful to them and add it to the global map of 1350 different locations. Through this, students are able to gain an appreciation for the ocean at an early age and learn to take action in their own communities.



Twinkl is an educational publishing house which publishes a wide range of educational resources for children. For World Ocean Day 2023, Twinkl has published various ocean-related resources, such as games and puzzles related to marine life and e-books. In particular, the World Ocean Day lapbook produced by the Twinkl Home Ed team, is an interactive, hands-on way for children to learn more about the ocean, offering lessons on food chains and marine ecosystems as well as suggesting some ways for children to make a change in their community. Twinkl also collaborated with World Ocean Day on a blog post, which outlines ways to get children involved in ocean advocacy even at a young age.



Octonauts is a children’s animated television series which follows a group of underwater explorers as they explore underwater ecosystems and discover the wonders of marine life. In their adventures, they rescue sea creatures in need of assistance and try their best to protect their ocean. This year, the Octonauts created a playlist specifically to celebrate World Ocean Day. The playlist was an exciting addition to the Octonauts-themed resources from past years’ World Ocean Day celebrations, which include posters, social media graphics, coloring pages and collectible creature cards to add to the celebration. Enjoy the Octonauts’ missions and adventures underwater on Netflix here!

Alliance Media

In celebration of World Ocean Day, advertising company Alliance Media dedicated various billboards across Africa to display messages or visuals that raise awareness about the critical need to protect the ocean and marine ecosystems. They are on a mission to promote environmental sustainability through their advertising campaigns, which are present in Botswana, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. By utilizing their network of digital billboards, they aim to reach a wide audience and engage communities on the importance of the ocean.  


If you celebrated World Ocean Day 2023 and utilized any of the resources or support that these partners provided, thank them for their contributions! 

Finally, we would like to extend a thank you to the World Ocean Day 2023 Sponsors whose financial support helps us engage even more people, especially youth, from around the world in ocean and climate conservation action. 

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