Fun and educational materials for kids!

If you are an educator, a parent, or youth programming coordinator, check out these resources and materials specifically designed for engaging kids in efforts to protect our blue planet! It’s […]

Youth-a-thon 2021- 24 Hour Lineup Released!

What and Why  “Youth-a-thon” is 24-hour livestream that provides a digital community for young people to:     Learn more about the ocean and conservation efforts around the globe     Connect with a […]

How to Engage Youth in Conservation

With the flood of information that saturates digital spaces, it can be hard for organizations to make themselves heard. Low engagement and high attrition rates are almost inevitable. As an […]

Youth: How to Stay Engaged in Conservation During the Pandemic

I strongly suggest that you find that thing that motivates you, that interest that you are passionate about, and connect it to sustainability because it will have a massive positive impact on the world. We should normalize taking care of the environment since sustainability is for everyone. As youth, we are the advocates of change, and we are the voices of the future. Together we have the power to “be the change we want to see in the world”!

Connecting Poetry to Conservation

Writing is to retrieve in language what could have been lost. I see writing as an incision in time, a splinter of the past that’s no longer tangible in the […]

Relive the Action!

We are excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated recorded Youth-a-thon sessions! While Youth-a-thon was a little over 4 months ago, it isn’t too late to take part […]